Friday, August 5, 2011

More English Idioms and Phrases

A black sheep : ( one with a bad reputation)
                         In every city there are bound to be some black sheep.

Angle:   From all sides(from every point of view)
                           International Cricketer should travel all the angle of earth.

Animal spirit:   Cheerful temper
                          At the marriage party everyone was in animal spirits.

Answerable:  Accountable
                          She is answerable to the director for her act of negligence.

At any rate or cost : What ever happens

                         I will be there at any cost tomorrow.

A bed of roses:  A comfortable work
                         Shalini work is a bed of roses in her company.

To the backbone: (thoroughly)
                        Mahatma Gandhi was a patriot to the backbone.

In black and white:   (to put in writing)
                         All agreements must necessarily be in black and white.

Bear with:         Be indulgent to
                          I can not bear with useless people.

Bear off:   carry off
                          Sagar bore off the prize this year too.

Bring out:  To bring to light
                         Chiranjeevi was brought out by Allu Ramalingayya.

Break Ice: To break the silence and make a beginning.
                         My friend Suneel break the Ice in community meeting.

In Cold blood:  Mercilessly
                          The thieves murdered the rich man in cold blood.                   

crocodile tears : pretentious way
                          The unfaithful wife shed crocodile tear at the death of her husband.

Apple of the eye: something very dear.
                          Suresh being the only son, is the apple of the eye to his parents.

To be continued............................


  1. Of all in the list "crocodile tears" is the newest to my ears. I never used that kind of word expression. Thanks for the addition to my vocabulary.
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