Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Spick and span  - brand new
                          I bough a spick and span car.

Yield to - submit
                         The policemen yielded very cruel robber to court.        

White elephant - an Excessive luxury
                         Our movie actresses are very white elephants.

Turn one's coat - change parties
                         Present political leaders always turn one's coat.

Turn out - expel
                        Our B.C.C.I. turned out Zaheerkhan from Indian Team in England.

Take on - to deceive
                       It is clear you were taken in by the shop-keeper.

Turn turtle - topsy turvery
                      The bus turned turtle while going up hill station

Set up - to begin
                       Nikhil sai has set up a new dubbing theater in Hyderabad.

Seek after - try to find
                       The policemen must seek after undisciplined persons.

Set free - release
                        My friends have set free some birds in park.

Swan song - last effort
                       The movie was the swan song of that Director.

To pull together - to do a thing in co-operation
                        We must pull together in finishing our work.

Laugh in your sleeve - to be secretly amused at
                          The assistant of the company  laughed in their sleeves at the meeting.

Make out - understand
                           I am not able to make out the meaning of the story.

Move even and earth - try by all means
                           The Master move even and earth to explain the lesson.

Lay waste  - ravage
                            My form lay wasted by animals.

know no bounds - be unlimited
                             Akhil  joy knew no bounds when he heard of his results.

Far and wide - extensively
                             The news was spread far and wide.

Many sided - having many qualities or aspects.
                               Rahul Gandhi has many sides interests.

To fire with - to fly into passion
                               Foul languages fires up others. Never use that, be always polite.

To find one's self - to feel better as regards
                               He lost heavily but did not lose heart. Now again he is finding his legs.


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