Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Spick and span  - brand new
                          I bough a spick and span car.

Yield to - submit
                         The policemen yielded very cruel robber to court.        

White elephant - an Excessive luxury
                         Our movie actresses are very white elephants.

Turn one's coat - change parties
                         Present political leaders always turn one's coat.

Turn out - expel
                        Our B.C.C.I. turned out Zaheerkhan from Indian Team in England.

Take on - to deceive
                       It is clear you were taken in by the shop-keeper.

Turn turtle - topsy turvery
                      The bus turned turtle while going up hill station

Set up - to begin
                       Nikhil sai has set up a new dubbing theater in Hyderabad.

Seek after - try to find
                       The policemen must seek after undisciplined persons.

Set free - release
                        My friends have set free some birds in park.

Swan song - last effort
                       The movie was the swan song of that Director.

To pull together - to do a thing in co-operation
                        We must pull together in finishing our work.

Laugh in your sleeve - to be secretly amused at
                          The assistant of the company  laughed in their sleeves at the meeting.

Make out - understand
                           I am not able to make out the meaning of the story.

Move even and earth - try by all means
                           The Master move even and earth to explain the lesson.

Lay waste  - ravage
                            My form lay wasted by animals.

know no bounds - be unlimited
                             Akhil  joy knew no bounds when he heard of his results.

Far and wide - extensively
                             The news was spread far and wide.

Many sided - having many qualities or aspects.
                               Rahul Gandhi has many sides interests.

To fire with - to fly into passion
                               Foul languages fires up others. Never use that, be always polite.

To find one's self - to feel better as regards
                               He lost heavily but did not lose heart. Now again he is finding his legs.

Friday, August 5, 2011

More English Idioms and Phrases

A black sheep : ( one with a bad reputation)
                         In every city there are bound to be some black sheep.

Angle:   From all sides(from every point of view)
                           International Cricketer should travel all the angle of earth.

Animal spirit:   Cheerful temper
                          At the marriage party everyone was in animal spirits.

Answerable:  Accountable
                          She is answerable to the director for her act of negligence.

At any rate or cost : What ever happens

                         I will be there at any cost tomorrow.

A bed of roses:  A comfortable work
                         Shalini work is a bed of roses in her company.

To the backbone: (thoroughly)
                        Mahatma Gandhi was a patriot to the backbone.

In black and white:   (to put in writing)
                         All agreements must necessarily be in black and white.

Bear with:         Be indulgent to
                          I can not bear with useless people.

Bear off:   carry off
                          Sagar bore off the prize this year too.

Bring out:  To bring to light
                         Chiranjeevi was brought out by Allu Ramalingayya.

Break Ice: To break the silence and make a beginning.
                         My friend Suneel break the Ice in community meeting.

In Cold blood:  Mercilessly
                          The thieves murdered the rich man in cold blood.                   

crocodile tears : pretentious way
                          The unfaithful wife shed crocodile tear at the death of her husband.

Apple of the eye: something very dear.
                          Suresh being the only son, is the apple of the eye to his parents.

To be continued............................

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily use Idioms and Phrases

To come about:  to happen
                          You strongly feel that  expected  will come about.

By accident :      An unforeseen event.
                          I met him in the office by accident in the evening.

To turn and turn about:  Alternately
                          He comes to our college to turn and turn about.

Absent minded :   inattentive.
                           If  you absent minded on the road you will met accident.
Accepted by:   Agreed to
                          Students proposal was accepted by  the college management.

According to :  As agreed to
                          According to agreement he should wait until his turn.

Account for  :  to give reason for a thing or action.
                          We are not opening office tomorrow account for Deepavali festival.

To settle an account: To finalise statement of account between two persons or parties
                          Our accounts with Nikhil College  has settled.

To no account:   Useless,worthless
                          They all of to no account of our Institution.

Adjacent:   Near to, contiguous.
                          Her Office to adjacent to my Office.

In Advance: Before hand
                          To finalise the deal she has to pay Rs.1000 in advance.

To take advantage of:  to benefit from
                           She took advantage of my father experience in plan for building the house.

At arm's length: Keep at a distance
                            We should keep bad boys at arm's length.

An apple of discord: The root cause of quarrel
                             Money is an apple of discord  between poor and rich people.

Add fuel to the fire: Make matters worse
                              Your speaking is add fuel to the fire.

At one's beck and call: ready to obey one's orders
                               My office driver is always at one's beck and call of his boss.

To be continue.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

English and Foreign Lanuages University

English and Foreign Lanuages University inviting applications for the courses of    B.ed(English),M.Ed,M.A(hindi), Phd(hindi)
Application: you can get by paying Rs.500 or you can download from website
Selection: Will select by Written test conducting by University in 20 centres in courtrywise.
                No entrance for P.hd. candidates

Date of examinations:  From May 27 to 29th

Last date of application submit:  9th May


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wish to

       It denotes the desire of the doer.

                     I wish to speak good english.
                     She wishes to write a story.
                     He wishes to do good for everyone.
                     They wish to learn English.
                     Srinivas does not wish to participate in the match.
                    You do wish to come on Monday.
                     He wishes to travel more distance.
                     They wish to attend a seminar.
                     I wish to be a Doctor.

         Question forms:

                     Do you wish to get good results.
                     Does he wish to do the job.
                     Does she wish to marry me.
                     Do they wish to call people.
                     Does not wish to work well.
                     Do I wish to construct the house.
                     Do you wish to meat your mother.
                     Does she wish to beat her son.

           Negative interrogative:

                     Does not he wish to take up your keys.
                     Does not he wish to speak well.
                     Does not she wish to hire with her husband.
                     Do not I wish to collect the money from all of us.
                     Do not they wish to our boss with garland.
                     Do not  you wish to participate in the singing  competition.
                     Do not I wish to decorate well our house.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Used to

            It denotes the fast habitual actions.

                                I used to play cricket.
                                He used to borrow me.
                               You used to fabricate.
                                He used to order us.
                               She used to encourage the people.
                               Raju and Srinu used to hesitate my friends.
                               He used to diet last year. 
                               Sachin used to lease his cricket kit.
                               It used to work in summer vacation.
                               Everybody used to underestimate Karthik.

                    Question forms:
                               Did you used to go to temple?
                               Did she used to participate in singing competition.
                               Did he used to fight with others.
                               Did I used to tell cockable stories.
                               Did Nikhil used to write stories.
                               Did I used to scolds my friends.

                    Negative questions
                               He did not used to come early to classes.
                               She did not used to eat more.
                               Did not used to gamble in holidays.
                               Did not your computer used to suggest good ideas.

Sunday, March 13, 2011



              This is used for  when you think it is necessary to do something.

                           You must clean door reguarly.
                           We must selute our flag.
                           You must come here tomarrow.
                            He must achieve his goal.
                           They must finish their work in time.
                            I must learn English.
                           It's fantastic film. you must see it.
                           We must go the temple today.
                           It is late you must go now.
                           You must getup early tomorrow. I have got a lot to do.

         Negative forms:

                         You must not touch the mirror.
                         They must not be late tomarrow.
                          I must not forget to inform my parents about interview.
                         You must not go there. you must stay there.
                         We must not leave the ground here today.
                         She must not until the end.
                         We must not borrow more.
                         We must not elect characterless person.
                         My grand father must not eat sweets.