Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily use Idioms and Phrases

To come about:  to happen
                          You strongly feel that  expected  will come about.

By accident :      An unforeseen event.
                          I met him in the office by accident in the evening.

To turn and turn about:  Alternately
                          He comes to our college to turn and turn about.

Absent minded :   inattentive.
                           If  you absent minded on the road you will met accident.
Accepted by:   Agreed to
                          Students proposal was accepted by  the college management.

According to :  As agreed to
                          According to agreement he should wait until his turn.

Account for  :  to give reason for a thing or action.
                          We are not opening office tomorrow account for Deepavali festival.

To settle an account: To finalise statement of account between two persons or parties
                          Our accounts with Nikhil College  has settled.

To no account:   Useless,worthless
                          They all of to no account of our Institution.

Adjacent:   Near to, contiguous.
                          Her Office to adjacent to my Office.

In Advance: Before hand
                          To finalise the deal she has to pay Rs.1000 in advance.

To take advantage of:  to benefit from
                           She took advantage of my father experience in plan for building the house.

At arm's length: Keep at a distance
                            We should keep bad boys at arm's length.

An apple of discord: The root cause of quarrel
                             Money is an apple of discord  between poor and rich people.

Add fuel to the fire: Make matters worse
                              Your speaking is add fuel to the fire.

At one's beck and call: ready to obey one's orders
                               My office driver is always at one's beck and call of his boss.

To be continue.




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