Monday, March 28, 2011

Used to

            It denotes the fast habitual actions.

                                I used to play cricket.
                                He used to borrow me.
                               You used to fabricate.
                                He used to order us.
                               She used to encourage the people.
                               Raju and Srinu used to hesitate my friends.
                               He used to diet last year. 
                               Sachin used to lease his cricket kit.
                               It used to work in summer vacation.
                               Everybody used to underestimate Karthik.

                    Question forms:
                               Did you used to go to temple?
                               Did she used to participate in singing competition.
                               Did he used to fight with others.
                               Did I used to tell cockable stories.
                               Did Nikhil used to write stories.
                               Did I used to scolds my friends.

                    Negative questions
                               He did not used to come early to classes.
                               She did not used to eat more.
                               Did not used to gamble in holidays.
                               Did not your computer used to suggest good ideas.

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