Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wish to

       It denotes the desire of the doer.

                     I wish to speak good english.
                     She wishes to write a story.
                     He wishes to do good for everyone.
                     They wish to learn English.
                     Srinivas does not wish to participate in the match.
                    You do wish to come on Monday.
                     He wishes to travel more distance.
                     They wish to attend a seminar.
                     I wish to be a Doctor.

         Question forms:

                     Do you wish to get good results.
                     Does he wish to do the job.
                     Does she wish to marry me.
                     Do they wish to call people.
                     Does not wish to work well.
                     Do I wish to construct the house.
                     Do you wish to meat your mother.
                     Does she wish to beat her son.

           Negative interrogative:

                     Does not he wish to take up your keys.
                     Does not he wish to speak well.
                     Does not she wish to hire with her husband.
                     Do not I wish to collect the money from all of us.
                     Do not they wish to our boss with garland.
                     Do not  you wish to participate in the singing  competition.
                     Do not I wish to decorate well our house.

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