Sunday, March 13, 2011



              This is used for  when you think it is necessary to do something.

                           You must clean door reguarly.
                           We must selute our flag.
                           You must come here tomarrow.
                            He must achieve his goal.
                           They must finish their work in time.
                            I must learn English.
                           It's fantastic film. you must see it.
                           We must go the temple today.
                           It is late you must go now.
                           You must getup early tomorrow. I have got a lot to do.

         Negative forms:

                         You must not touch the mirror.
                         They must not be late tomarrow.
                          I must not forget to inform my parents about interview.
                         You must not go there. you must stay there.
                         We must not leave the ground here today.
                         She must not until the end.
                         We must not borrow more.
                         We must not elect characterless person.
                         My grand father must not eat sweets.

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