Friday, February 18, 2011

Dare to

                                                            Dare to

       It denotes the courage of person.

                             I dare to question anybody.
                             I dare to go outside in dark.
                             we dare to point out the mistake.
                            They dare to face any problem.
                             He dares to face the interview.
                             I dare to appoint a new assistant.
                             I dare to boycott  my class now.
                             We dare to confirm their faculty.
                             you dare to decorate marriage function.
                             People dares to improve their skills.
                             Sachin dares to marry elder than himself.
                             Sreedevi dares to post phone her marriage.
                             She dares to relax in class room.

                Question forms:

                             Do you dare to beat me?
                             Does she dare to talk?
                             What does your father dare to do?
                             Who dare to play cricket?
                              Does she dares to speak on the dias?
                              Does he dare to watch horror movies?
                             Why does he dare to beat his friend?

               Negative forms:

                              Does not he dare to fight?
                              Does not she dare to struggle?
                              Does not he dare to investigate?
                              Do not you dare to enjoy a function?
                              Do not they  dare to past whole day?
                              Do not they dare to quarrel with others?
                              Why do not you dare to face the problem?
                              Does not she dare to resign from works?
                              Does not they dare to boycott the meeting?
                              Do not they dare to agree their faults?



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